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I visited Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire last weekend and made my first snow drawing on the lake. The drawing starts 200 ft from the shoreline and is about 300 ft edge to edge. It took a little over an hour to complete.

The annual ice fishing derby was being held on the other side of the lake. I imagined all the ways it could be impacted by its environment: an added ice fishing hut, some snow mobile tracks, wind erosion, melt, animal tracks. A few hours later the drawing was completely obscured by a snow storm; it was consumed by itself in the end. I now think of this drawing as a homage to the environmental artist, Andy Goldsworthy whose work contains themes of time and impermanence.

My role with the drawing changed from being the creator to the spectator. When I finished, it was out of my hands and became a fixture in an environment, vulnerable to the life around it. It might’ve even had its own impact on life at the lake.

snowdrawingprocessI’m brainstorming new locations to try out some more “live art”. I need space, time and a high vantage point. Stay tuned for the next installation.

Yours in flux,