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This is a post about process. I started the These Decisions Can Wait drawing series as a solution to the panic that sets in when you sit down to make something. When will the idea hit? How will I represent it? What if I screw it up? How will I screw it up?

My goal was to make spontaneous and abstract images. A drawing stripped down to formal elements is one that makes fewer demands. The simplified goal allowed space to concentrate on what was being created in the moment rather than a concept.

The process came about pretty organically. I drew a line and then the next one followed the previous, wavers and all, and so forth. These densely packed lines ended up creating an illusion of form.

For the most part, these drawings are unplanned, except for in some cases a predetermined shape over or within the lines. I think of them as having a quality between man-made and machine manufactured. The lines are mass-produced with the same repeated motion, although imperfectly by a human. Imperfection is what makes them dynamic what I find compelling about creating them. To some extent, drawing the lines is mindless and meditative, but I find that some focus allows me to subtly influence the line. The product aside, I value making these drawings to occupy the state of balanced control and disorder that they come from.

I hope that this explanation offers some more dimension in how one connects with my drawings.

Yours in (not too much) mindful methodology,